Final Program

Monday, 22nd June

8.30 Introductory Lecture
Crafting Abstracts to Cultivate Readers and Sustain Writers
Mark Beittel, University of Trento

Class 1 | New Techologies and International Relations 

10.15 Brett Campbell, University of Trento
The legitimacy and costs of drone-targeted killings
Joseph Grieco, Discussant

11.15 Enrico Fiorentini, University of Trento
From weapons to materials: building the global nuclear security regime
Joseph Grieco, Discussant

12.15 James Shires, University of Oxford
Creating control: the role of risk management in global cyber-security
Pascal Vennesson, Discussant

14.45 Max Smeets, University of Oxford
The strategic implications of the ‘single use’ of cyber weapons
Ted Hopf, Discussant

Class 2 | Identity Construction and Foreign Policy

15.45 Silvia D’Amato, Scuola Normale Superiore
European responses to Islamist terrorism
Ted Hopf, Discussant

17.00 Andrea Ghiselli, Fudan University - Shanghai
The role of new actors in International Society
Ted Hopf, Discussant

18.00 Amit Julka, National University of Singapore
Common sense and foreign policy
Filippo Andreatta, Discussant 


Tuesday, 23rd June

Class 3 | Conflict and Cooperation in Africa and the Middle East

 9.00 Allard Duursma, University of Oxford
The effectiveness of mediation and the role of regional mediators in Africa
Pascal Vennesson, Discussant

10.00 Mattia Grandi, Scuola Superiore S.Anna - Pisa
Hydro-politics and cooperation in transboundary water management
Richard Caplan, Discussant

11.15 Nathan Munier, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Domestic political economy and the regulation of conflict diamonds
Richard Caplan, Discussant

14.00 Martin Lestra, European University Institute - Florence
Why do they cooperate? Small Gulf states and the promotion of global public goods in international institutions
Matteo Legrenzi, Discussant

Class 4 | Domestic Actors and Trade
15.00 Jason S. Davis, University of Michigan
Political dynamics of trade liberalization
Joseph Grieco, Discussant

16.15 Sarah Smierciak, University of Oxford
Weaving Networks of Exclusion: Business-State Relations and the Re-making of Egypt’s Textile Sector
Matteo Legrenzi, Discussant


Wednesday, 24th June

Class 5 | Institution Building & Democratization

9.00 Frances Z. Brown, University of Oxford
Statebuilding from the Bottom Up: foreign interveners, local councils, and conflict
Filippo Andreatta, Discussant

10.00 Maurizio Geri, Old Dominion University - Norfolk
Making democracy work in the XXI century: substantial and meaningful democracies in the Muslim world
Richard Caplan, Discussant

11.15 Eva Jakusova, Strathclyde - Glasgow
State cooperation with international criminal tribunals and courts
Pascal Vennesson, Discussant

14.00 Zaha Kheir, University of Oxford
How does national sentiment contribute to democratic consolidation? A comparative study of democracy in Palestine and Lebanon
Matteo Legrenzi, Discussant