The summer school brings together students and experts from around the world, and is intended to provide doctoral students with an opportunity to share and improve upon their dissertation research in an international context. The goals of the workshop fall into two broad categories: improving dissertation research and building connections

Participants are expected to have begun the research portion of their dissertation, and will benefit by sharing their work with others. Participants in the workshop will have the opportunity to improve upon their dissertation research by learning about the dissertation process from experts in the field, attending and commenting upon research presentations from other students, and receiving advice, feedback, and constructive criticism on their own ideas. The diversity of backgrounds, interests, and training of the attendees ensures that participants will receive input from numerous alternative perspectives, allowing them to investigate approaches they might never have considered otherwise. Those who attend the workshop should leave Terzolas with better knowledge of the perception of their work, a strong plan for approaching the remainder of their dissertation, and a firm grasp of what they can do with their dissertation work once they have defended. This will help attendees not only in completing the research necessary to obtain the PhD, but in finding the most advantageous to publish that research, in order to begin their careers.

The summer school brings together a broad group of students, pursuing PhDs in several different countries, as well as a list of internationally-renowned experts working in Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. Participants will have the opportunity to build lasting connections with others working on similar topics, in universities across the world, and to receive mentorship from some of the leading minds in international relations research. This brings with it the opportunity to build strong, international networks, with the potential to bring about fruitful collaborations in the future.