The Workshop is jointly organized by: 

 The Research Center on International Politics and Conflict Resolution (FBK-CERPIC) is among the newest created by the Bruno Kessler Foundation, having been inaugurated in February 2012. It has the ambition of developing and enriching the Italian network of scholars of international politics, as well as becoming the main location for the specific study of war and peace in the country, networking with like-minded institutes at the national and international level, and thus contributing to the  development of a particularly Italian point of view on those issues. 

The School of International Studies (SIS) is the only Graduate School of International Studies in Italy offering advanced courses for students who have completed a three-year undergraduate degree. Established in 2001 by four participating faculties – Economics, Humanities, Law, and Sociology – as well as five departments of the University of Trento, the School of International Studies offers a two-year Master’s programme in European and International Studies –  Laura Magistrale in Studi Europei e Internazionali - and a three-year Doctoral programme in International Studies.  

The newly constituted Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Bologna gathers specialists in the field of sociology, IR and political science, and brings with it the legacy and the tradition of the Political Science Department (founded in 1986), the Department of Politics, Institutions and History (founded in 1982), the Faculty of Political Science (founded in the midsixties) and the Faculty of Political Science “R. Ruffilli” (Forlì Campus). The Department research staff includes industry and cabinet advisors, leading editorialists of important Italian journals,  and politicians. Its research institutions are part of the most important international scientific networks.   
The School of International Relations draws on the expertise in the fields of languages, economics, law, politics and history at Ca’ Foscari University, to implement innovative teaching in the field of international relations and intercultural mediation. The teaching activities of the School are supported by the Departments of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies, Asian and North African Studies, Economics, Humanities, and Philosophy and Cultural Heritage  
The Department of Politics and International Relations at Oxford is one of the largest units for research and teaching in international relations, politics, government and political theory. DPIR hosts a range of research centres, networks and programmes which set agendas and attract interest from researchers across the world. The department actively supports an extensive range of research activity, with a strong record in securing research funding from external and University sources.