[Click on the image to download the ISW2016 Final Program]

Sunday, 19th June

  • 18.00 Introductory Lecture
    Debating Methods in International Relations 
    Ted Hopf, National University of Singapore

Monday, 20th June

Morning | Session 1  

  • 9.00 Dawid Jarosz, IHEID Geneve
    Economic Tools in International Negotiations
    Joseph Grieco, Discussant

  • 10.00 Zongyuan Liu, SAIS Johns Hopkins University
    The Wealth of Nations in the 21st Century: Sovereign Wealth Funds as a Tool to Address the Problem of Disembedded Capital Abundance
    Joseph Grieco, Discussant

Morning | Session 2  

  • 11.30 George Yin, Harvard University
    Social barriers to bargaining in world politics
    Richard Devetak, Discussant

  • 12.30 Moch Faisal Karim, University of Warwick
    Emerging Democratic Power in Global Governance: the Case of Indonesia
    Richard Devetak, Discussant

Afternoon | Session 3  

  • 15.00 Mohaned Al-Hamdi, Kansas State University
    Military Spending and Democratization in the Arab World
    Pascal Vennesson, Discussant

Afternoon | Session 4  

  • 16.30 Jonathan Askonas, University of Oxford
    Closed Loop: Structural Sources of Epistemic Closure in Large Bureaucracies
    Pascal Vennesson, Discussant

Tuedsay, 21st June

Morning | Session 5  

  • 9.00 Davide Ghermandi, University of Bologna
    Middle Powers, Energy Security and Naval Forces
    Matteo Legrenzi, Discussant

  • 10.00 Babak Mohammadzadeh, University of Cambridge
    State-Society Relations and Foreign Policy Autonomy in the Persian Gulf
    Matteo Legrenzi, Discussant
Morning | Session 6  
  • 11.30 Julia Carrillo Lerma, Sciences Po - Paris & New School for Social Research - New York
    A Colombian ‘Diaspora’: From Living and Leaving a Con­flict to Engaging in Peace-Building and the Rewriting of Social Memories of Violence
    Ted Hopf, Discussant

Afternoon | Session 7  

  • 14.00 Francesca Cerutti, University of Milan Statale
    Measuring Effectiveness of Non-Proliferation Regimes: Developing and Testing Determinants
    Jakub Grygiel, Discussant

Afternoon | Session 8

  • 15.30 Jordan Roberts, Duke University
    Freedom House’s Scarlet Letter: Negative Assessments and Verbal Conflict
    Jakub Grygiel, Discussant


Wednesday, 22nd June

Morning | Session 9  

  • 9.00 Merve Calimli, Istanbul Bilgi University and University of Bologna
    Reconsidering Democracy Promotion: A comparative analysis of Brazil and Turkey
    Richard Caplan, Discussant

  • 10.00 Jessie Hronesova, University of Oxford
    Politics and Policies of Compensatory Justice: Victims and Veterans in Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Richard Caplan, Discussant

Morning | Session 10  

  • 11.30 Brian Carlson, SAIS Johns Hopkins University
    Russia-China relations in the Post-Soviet Era
    Filippo Andreatta, Discussant