Alessandro Albana is a Ph.D. candidate in “Global and International Studies” at the department of Social and Political Sciences, University of Bologna. His research is focused on the Chinese expansion of its maritime apparatus and its implications in East Asia and with regards to the US projection in the region. The research is carried out under a double lens of analysis, inasmuch both the economic and security dimensions are taken into account. He’s also collaborator of the website “CinaForum” and journalist. His research interests cover international relations, migrations, social movements, urban policies and environmental issues.  

Chiara Tea Antoniazzi is a PhD student at the School of International Studies, University of Trento, Italy. She is particularly interested in the protection and promotion of human rights at the national, regional, and international levels. Her doctoral dissertation focuses on the legal standing of non-governmental organizations in the proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights. She is assistant to the chair of International Law at the Faculty of Law. She holds a Master Degree in Law from the University of Trento and spent a study period at the Law School of Maastricht University.


Hana Brediková is a PhD student at the School of International Studied, University of Trento. She specializes in conflict management strategies, international mediation, and democratization processes. She holds a Master’s degree in International Relation and European Studies from Metropolitan University in Prague and studied at The Institut d'études politiques de Paris, SciencesPo, during her degree. She has worked for the Central European Journal for International and Security Studies and other research centers in Prague and Berlin. She is a native speaker of Slovak, is proficient in English, and has a good command of Russian. 

Antonio Calcara
is a first year Ph.D student at the Department of Political Science at LUISS University “Guido Carli” in Rome. He received a M.A in International and Diplomatic Sciences from the University of Bologna (Forlì Campus). In 2014 he worked as a research assistant in the “Programme on European Security Research” at the Swedish Defence University in Stockholm. His research interests are in the fields of European Union Foreign and Security Policy, EU Defence, International Relations, Regional and Differentiated Integration and Constructivism. Moreover, he is particularly interested in the use of Bourdieu's sociological approach and practice theory in International Relations and European Studies. 

Michele D’Alessandro is a PhD student at the University of Trento, specializing in peace operations in Africa. Michele has worked as a human rights observer in Colombia, an intern at the Italian Embassy to Ethiopia, a trainee at the European Parliament in Belgium, and a consultant for the ILO in Lebanon. He earned his MA in European and International Studies from the University of Trento, and he was an exchange student at the University of Oslo, Norway. Michele is proficient in English and has a good command of French and Spanish.

Piergiuseppe Parisi is a PhD student at the School of International Studies, University of Trento, specialising on the potential synergies between non-judicial human rights fact-finding and international and domestic criminal prosecutions. He has interned at the International Criminal Court, assisting the Investigation Division. He is legally trained in Italy, where he has worked for different law firms. He holds a combined CPE/PgDip/LLM in Legal Studies from the London South Bank University and a combined BA/MA in Law (Transnational Law Programme) from the University of Trento. He is proficient in English and Spanish and has a good command of French. 

Masoumeh Shirazi is a DPhil Candidate in International Relations at the University of Oxford. Her research focuses on the motivations that shape decision making in international organizations. She is particularly interested in the conditions under which one type of motivational influence explains decisions in relation to others. Masoumeh holds several years of professional experience at the international level, including time spent in developing countries. Prior to embarking on her DPhil, she has held research and policy-related positions in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, exploring works of art and overseas travel.