Merve Çalımlı | Istanbul Bilgi University and University of Bologna

Reconsidering democracy promotion. A comparative analysis of Brazil and Turkey 

This dissertation aims to undercover why emergent actors would promote democracy in their foreign policy. Comparing Brazil and Turkey, the dissertation explores the distinct motives behind their foreign policies since 2000s and asks: What motivates the democracy promotion efforts of these emergent actors. On the theoretical front, the dissertation builds upon rational and normative approaches to democracy promotion in the foreign policy processes and focuses on the strategic and normative commitments to promote democracy.  On the empirical front, dissertation employs process-tracing and semi-structured focused-group interviews in Brazil and Turkey. As a result, an analytical framework is developed based upon targets, motives and tools of democracy promotion. I suggest that in Brazil and Turkey, democracy promotion is instrumentalized at two levels: While at internal level, democracy promotion is used as a legitimation strategy for the ruling government, at the external level, it is used to extend their regional influence with hybrid motives stemming from strategic and normative commitments.